What's happening at the Plant Floor?

Until recently, it was difficult for manufacturers to obtain a true picture of what was happening on the plant floor.

Real-time, accurate data reflecting production activity, planned production schedules, quality checks, machine breakdowns, inventory levels or a shortage of materials made it a challenge for shop floor management to keep track of resources, monitor the throughput rate and make instant decisions for problem solving.

Integrating ERP with Plant Floor Tracking System addresses these challenges, and offer manufacturers a clear view of what is happening on their shop floor, since shop floor operators themselves monitor and track the data. This integrated information lets manufacturers increase productivity; decrease scrap; reduce total work-in-process inventory; reduce premium freight charges; and gain dramatic increases in production throughput.

Many manufacturers have come to the realization that while newer ERP systems provide the requisite functionality to handle production and manage finished  goods inventory, what often remains is “white space” – a void of operational details concerning activities in between. Work orders and materials enter the plant from one end – finished products exit at the other – with a dearth of operational data necessary to facilitate informed timely decisions that optimize the complete process. ERP systems were designed for the business from a top-down perspective. As of now, they have been less effective integrating down to actively manage and track plant floor activities.


PlantTrack is a Plant Floor Tracking module built to run on IntegraXor HMI/SCADA platform. The solution is a web-based application that has full functionalities of a HMI/SCADA System and  Plant Floor Tracking.

For more information of IntegraXor, please visit www.integraxor.com.

Plant Floor Tracking System Basic Features
  •   • Real-time
  •   • Online
  •   • User Friendly Operator Interface
  •   • Integrated Barcode & RFID Systems
  •  • Integrated     PLC Connectivity
  •   • Integrated Connectivity Options for ERP
  •   • Traceability
  •   • Reporting