Distribution Center Solution


Digital Picking System (DPS) is an excellent operation support system built upon  Integrated Pick-To-Light. Operations can be performed rapidly, inexpensively and with great accuracy. Our flexible applications can be tailored to match your specific requirements such as a Digital Picking System (pick-to-light) or Digital Sorting System (put-to-light); or even as a Computer based system or Industrial PLC-based system. Using 2-wires non-polar cables instead of conventional 4-wire network to connect to multiple devices, ease of installation and maintenance is greatly improved.

Solution for Goods Distribution

An apparel distribution center for supermarkets.

Operators use handheld terminals to register the products’ locations.

A frozen food distribution center for non-store retailing.

L-Pick System can function in -25°C frozen centers. After batch picking, frozen foods are sorted out for each sales person.
Free Location.
Mounting a wireless device on container or cart makes it possible to have a free location system that requires no fixed racks. Best suited for those who want to install light modules anywhere, who want to move about during operations, and who prefer not to use cables.
The S-ID System, a technology utilizing ultrasonic waves to measure a distance, can locate and track moving objects in a factory or warehouse. It acts as surveillance and improves the movement of goods as well as loading and unloading of pallets and cases.

Solution for Assembling and Production

Digital Stand Cell Production System
Overall management of work instructions, parts picking, tools selecting, and assembling the picked parts.

Pick-to-light System that can provide instructions for assembling.
The system gives instruction to workers without relying on their experience and skills. The system will stop the operation if an error or problem occurs. Nonskilled workers can operate with very little training. Instructions displayed on the screen can facilitate and speed up the operation. System application ranges widely from simple assembling to a more complicated cell production.

Light Module Series

Digital Picking System

Digital Picking System  is a logistic solution built to run on PC or PLC platform. The solution is built upon  Integrated  Pick-To-Light.